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AWP Day 1

I’ve gotten some swag including a new t-shirt (which was useful as an impromptu hat to keep the sudden April snow off) and some new ideas, including ideas involving sex scenes. This morning I went to the most pointless and … Continue reading

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The Bildungsroman

I’m going to follow up my post yesterday praising the Wachowskis’ widely panned Jupiter Ascending by talking about the genre from which it comes – no, not space opera, I talk about that a lot more often. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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First Page Friday

I’m also writing a biweekly LGBTQA column and reviews of Rat Queens at Twin Cities Geek. Check those out. Be sure to read the forums, too, if you’re a Minnesota based geek. Behind the cut is the first page of my current rough draft.

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State of the Kate: January 14th

So the first month of the new year is almost half over, and I’m starting my semester of screenwriting this week. I also have new plates on my roller skates, Sure-Grip Avengers in aluminum, which is a situation that fills … Continue reading

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So I’ve been quiet

The last 10 days have been quiet while I got my last story submission of my first grad school semester done. I’ve finished up with four short stories which – while not fully ready for publication – I’m proud of my work … Continue reading

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Post-NaNo Wrap-Up

I wrote 50,000 words of fantasy novel (with the currently-unremarkable working title of Warrior Clans and Faerie Queens) in November. I’m not saying that I wrote a 50,000 word fantasy novel, because I didn’t – this manuscript is looking more like … Continue reading

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[Pathfinder] Secrets Which Should Remain Buried

In August I wrote this 1500 word Pathfinder short story for Wayfinder #12, focusing on Osirion. It wasn’t accepted for the final magazine, so I decided to edit it and put it through a few more drafts. In the process it tripled … Continue reading

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