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Hugos and SJWs

Personally I am just beyond tired of the “good vs. evil” narrative embraced by the “anti-SJW” types who populate the internet (and what does it say about you when your conception of “good” is that which directly opposes social justice?). … Continue reading

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AWP Day 1

I’ve gotten some swag including a new t-shirt (which was useful as an impromptu hat to keep the sudden April snow off) and some new ideas, including ideas involving sex scenes. This morning I went to the most pointless and … Continue reading

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We Need More Mary Sues went up on another blog today and it reminds me that I wrote a post on the same topic shortly after my blog went live.

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Ancillary Justice: My Impressions

Wow. What a dense, exciting book. Ann Leckie’s first novel is an amazing work and she is well deserving of all those awards she won this year. I didn’t quite finish Ancillary Justice before buying Ancillary Sword, its follow-up, but I just finished … Continue reading

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Gaming for Cheap Bastards Day, Part 1

Gaming for Cheap Bastards Day So here’s the deal: Role-playing games are EXPENSIVE. If you’ve been keeping a tally, so far I’ve reviewed Advanced Class Guide ($40), Inner Sea Gods ($40) Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (… ok, the Basic … Continue reading

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Sunday Writing Assignment

Combine elements of three random pictures and create a sci-fi, fantasy, or horror story of at least 1,000 words. The random pictures cannot themselves be of a science-fiction, fantasy, or horror related subject. I’ll post mine later in the day.

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Writing Update

As some of you have noticed, I’ve updated my About page with my production schedule for the next eight or so months. My top priority is getting Independent Flight finished and out the door on June 2nd. This is not an absolute … Continue reading

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