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Hugos and SJWs

Personally I am just beyond tired of the “good vs. evil” narrative embraced by the “anti-SJW” types who populate the internet (and what does it say about you when your conception of “good” is that which directly opposes social justice?). … Continue reading

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Feminist Sci-Fi and Sci-Fi Feminism

I define “sci-fi feminism” as “Feminist activism based on science-fictional depictions of women and women’s actions, which takes into account women’s interaction with technology.” We live in a science fiction era, full stop. We might not have the spaceships, but we’re working on … Continue reading

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Participatory Culture and Science Fiction: An English Major’s Perspective

In one of my many, many other lives I am an academic, and one of my academic foci is on participatory culture – the interchange that takes place between culture, academe, the professional world and those who of their own … Continue reading

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