It’s been too long

2015 was a difficult year for my writing. I got a lot done, don’t get me wrong, but my output fell to a trickle after my injury and pretty much stopped other than my thesis after September. I’m rededicating 2016 now, about 5 weeks into the year, to improving and finishing my writing output. I have 3 novel projects in the works, including my thesis, and I hope to write a lot more short stories and articles this year.

Some of my short fiction output will be posted here.

Writing is a journey.

So is another passion of mine, roller derby. In 2014, after spending a couple of years admiring the sport from afar, I chose to take the plunge into roller derby. In 2015 this choice took me through a torturous injury and recovery, and now I’m most of the way back to full health – not all the way, yet, but I’m MUCH better than I was.

One of the interesting things about this sport is how fresh it still is, 15 years after the revival began. While there are certainly 10, 11, 12 year veterans still skating, I read somewhere that the difference between bambi-legged fresh meat and seasoned veteran tends to be about 2-3 years.

With my personal experience, I would say this is very likely true. I definitely look at the sport with different eyes now than I did nearly a year and a half ago when I started.

So for those of you who have been reading me consistently, I’ll see you here, and on, and hopefully sooner than later in print again.

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