Best and Worst Power Rangers Costumes

Since I’ve been watching through Linkara’s “History of Power Rangers,” here are my favorite and least favorite team and individual (Sixth Ranger or Extra Hero) costumes. Keep in mind these are all my opinion.
Why am I writing this? Because I haven’t posted anything on my blog in weeks and this is as good a thing as any!

Favorite, Team: Majiranger/Mystic Force – the helmets are really nicely done and the costumes reinforce the season’s theme, having nice callbacks to the idea of a wizard’s robes as well as the traditional super sentai catsuit.
(honorable mention: Gokaiger/Super Megaforce, Kyoryuger/Dino Charge, Zyuranger/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

Favorite, Individual: DragonRanger Burai/Tommy Oliver/Green Ranger, Zyuranger/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers seasons 1 and 2 – The original Sixth Ranger and the best Sixth Ranger costume. The DragonRanger/Green Ranger costume takes the already excellent Zyuranger costume and turns it up to 11 with royal gold accents and some really well-made accessories like the Dragon Dagger to summon the mighty Dragon Caesar/Dragonzord, which is a one-mecha wrecking crew that is DaiZyuJin/Megazord’s equal in every way.
(Honorable mention: Kibaranger/Mighty Morphin White Ranger (Dairanger/MMPR2), GokaiSilver/Silver Super Mega Ranger (Gokaiger/SMF), Kyoryu Gold/Gold Dino Charge Ranger (Kyoryuger/DC))

Least Favorite, Team: Megaranger/Power Rangers in Space – It’s a little sad that one of the three best seasons of Power Rangers has in my opinion the worst team costume in the history of the show. This is just a bland costume in all respects – the helmet doesn’t say anything in particular (how generic is the helmet? So generic that they reused it at least three times in Power Rangers series that had nothing to do with PRiS). and the bodysuit is just solid color with a band across the chest. The team’s main weapons are also nothing to write home about.
(dishonorable mentions: Kakuranger/Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, Goseiger/Megaforce, Boukenger/Operation Overdrive)

Least Favorite, Individual: Signalman/Blue Senturion – The Extra Hero costumes (unlike the Sixth Rangers, which tend to be pretty good) tend to be pretty hit or miss, but when you combine a bulky, robo-style Extra Hero costume with a goofy concept like “Enforcer of Traffic Laws,” the resultant costume is something that stepped out of my weirder nightmares.
(dishonorable mention: Ninjaman/Ninjor (MMAR/MMPR3), Bouken Silver/Mercury Ranger (Boukenger/PROO), Abarekiller/White Dino Thunder Ranger (Abaranger/PRDT))

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