A retraction

I usually have given matters a bit of study before I give a position on them in print, so I seldom print retractions. Last night I asserted that Best Fan Writer should have been a No Award because of Laura Mixon’s role in exposing the role of Benjanun Sriduangkaew as one of sf fandom’s most vicious abusers. I am retracting this statement now. Exposing community abusers is important.

At the late hour of 12:30 or so in the morning, I lacked the resources immediately to pull apart and critique what was being written. I should have withheld printed judgment until I had said resources. Using the shield of internet anonymity to spread abuse and tell people they should commit suicide is reprehensible and I strongly believe that people who do so deserve to be exposed.

So: Fandom 14, Puppies 1 (sorta. Best Dramatic Presentation – Long Form looked pretty much the way it would have without the Puppies so calling that a Puppy victory is tenuous at best).

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