Fangirl’s Guide to Party Snacks at CONvergence

Here’s the other half to the food-and-drink post. I don’t guarantee that everything listed is here this year – I’ve tried my best to include only parties that are registered for 2015, but something MAY have slipped through.

The Fangirl’s Guide to Party Snacks: Just as CONvergence has some notable alcoholic beverages at its room parties, it also has some amazing snacks.

5: Taco Bar at Misfit Labs: Misfit Labs is named for the original organizers of CONvergence, the Minnesota Society For Interest in Science Fiction and Fantasy (which is now Geek Partnership Society). It has a lot of different food options over the course of the con, but the taco bar is my favorite.

4: Smores at Fandom Scouts: Yes, these are real Smores. And yes, they are tasty and full of marshmallow and milk chocolate and other things that are very, very bad for you. And remember the Fandom Scout Oath (Cabana 206, Friday & Saturday).

3: Real Food at the Consuite: Yes, I know Consuite isn’t a party. But the food is amazing and there is always SOMETHING there that’s edible and made from real ingredients. From pizza and soup to fried chicken, and the everpresent rice and peanut-butter-and-jelly bars, Consuite is open 24 hours a day from Thursday afternoon until Sunday afternoon. It’s possible to stay in the Doubletree and eat full meals for four days straight without stepping outside (it’s not the best idea, but certainly possible). CONvergence has the best stocked and most tightly run Consuite I’ve seen of any con I’ve been to. You know you’re at CONvergence when you’re drunk at 2 AM, making a peanut butter sandwich next to Commander Riker and Rainbow Dash (Consuite).

2: Mystery Snack at the Snack Food Glory Hole: What you will get is a complete mystery. But it will be good. Probably not good for you, but it will be good (Cabana 130 entryway).

1: Toast at DysToastia: I know. You’re thinking toast isn’t much of a party snack. That means you, my friend, have never, ever been to DysToastia (more commonly known as House of Toast). Pick your bread. Pick up to three toppings, from prosaic choices like cinnamon sugar or strawberry jelly to daring options like wasabi and Sriracha hot sauce, and let the experienced toast wizards do their thing! Your con is NOT complete until you’ve been to House of Toast (Cabana 130).

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