CONvergence: The Drinking Fangirl’s Guide to the Cabana Parties

I originally wrote this for a guide to CONvergence but this text didn’t fit with the the project as defined so it was the first thing to get edited out. I want to keep it around in SOME form, though so I’m posting it here.

People who know me, know that CONvergence is one of the few times in the year where I let myself drink more than a couple drinks in a night. Here are my top 5 favorite CONvergence drinks, with a couple of honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions:

Sir Not Appearing in This Convention: The drinks at Perfectly Legitimate Spaceship. This speakeasy-styled room party is taking a year off for 2015.

Old Tilman beer at the Royal Manticoran Navy. Old Tilman is an Old Ale with pronounced notes of chocolate made by Elisa Randall in honor of the favorite alcoholic beverage of Captain Honor Harrington of David Weber’s Honorverse series. TRMN has three notable alcoholic beverages on display at the convention, all homemade product of local members: Old Tilman beer, Delacourt red wine, and the highly popular Missile Pod shot (Cabana 229)

5: Spotted Cow at Cow Asylum. I tend to think that Spotted Cow is actually a bit overrated – its mystique is helped along by its very limited distribution area – but I put it here because it’s very, very popular and this is one of the only times and places in the year that it can be had outside of its home state. (Cabana 104)

4: The Green Stuff, at USS Nokomis. It is… It is… It is green. It also doesn’t taste very alcoholic – but it is (Cabana 108/109).

3: Orange Science Experiment, at Skepchicks. Tastes like Tang, kicks like Bruce Lee (Cabana 227).

2: Icees, at the Mos Icee Cantina. Not alcoholic (that I’m aware of) but cold and refreshing! (Cabana 231)

1: Missile Pods, at the Royal Manticoran Navy. The missile pod, an invention of TRMN’s Bill Lochen, is a sweet slam shot with a cinnamon kick at the end. Not to be missed! Roll pods! (Cabana 229)

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2 Responses to CONvergence: The Drinking Fangirl’s Guide to the Cabana Parties

  1. Beth says:

    Does Cow Asylum still always have Spotted Cow and I just didn’t know it? I know they used to, but whenever I have gone in there looking for it the past few years they’ve told me they only have shots and basically looked at me as if I had three heads for even asking for beer. (on a related side note, it’s inordinately difficult to find beer at CVG parties in my experience)

  2. TRMN usually runs out of wine by mid-evening Friday and beer by the end of Friday evening – Saturday is pretty much just missile pods.

    I may be misremembering, but I think I remember getting beer at Cow Asylum in ’11 or ’13. I spent most of my party hours last year in either the Artemis room or running my Fate game, so I expected most of the good beer to be gone by the time I got to the party floors.

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