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Rape scenes are usually lazy writing and directing

Originally posted on Another angry woman:
Content warning: this post discusses rape, sexual violence and media misogyny Rape scenes are horribly popular in the media, and seldom necessary. With a flicker of hope, I wonder if savvy viewers are finally…

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Fangirl’s Guide to Party Snacks at CONvergence

Here’s the other half to the food-and-drink post. I don’t guarantee that everything listed is here this year – I’ve tried my best to include only parties that are registered for 2015, but something MAY have slipped through. The Fangirl’s … Continue reading

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Jupiter Ascending: The Matrix Regendered

Originally posted on shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows:
By this point in the media/meta cycle, oceans of virtual ink have already been spilled on the comparative flaws and virtues of Jupiter Ascending, a film that is almost universally perceived as being…

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CONvergence: The Drinking Fangirl’s Guide to the Cabana Parties

I originally wrote this for a guide to CONvergence but this text didn’t fit with the the project as defined so it was the first thing to get edited out. I want to keep it around in SOME form, though … Continue reading

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