So what happens when an author breaks her leg?

Less writing than you’d think. No, that’s not the world’s worst joke with the world’s worst punch line, but actually the reality of what’s happened to me over the last week and a half. So anyway, as just about anyone who’s been paying even marginal amounts of attention knows, I play roller derby. And I love roller derby with a passion that most people reserve for purebred collies or cute videos of cats on the Internet. And a week ago Tuesday, I broke my left leg REALLY BADLY playing roller derby. I’ll put the X-rays behind a cut at the end for the squeamish.

From Tuesday through Monday (it’s a long story), I was in the hospital. Technically I was supposed to go to a transitional care facility on Friday, but there was an insurance snafu and an amount of money up-front was quoted which triggered a use of the phrase “No one’s got that kind of money just lying around!”

So mostly I’ve been lying around, doing my physical therapy exercises, and trying to re-engage selectively with my troublemaking self.

In two weeks I’ll be appearing at MantiCon, and I may have to modify some of my appearances. I’m looking forward to it, though, overall. And I need to get back to writing, I’ve got several unfinished short stories to put together.

Screenshot (2)

Tibia broken in three places, fibula in one. Not seen: A piece of muscle that a tibia fragment settled over the top of, causing intense pain.

fluoroscope 1

Repairs complete.

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