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FATE System, Redux

An interesting effect of playing around with the FATE system is that the systematics are designed to keep things fairly competitive. A difference of four steps on the FATE die is pretty much an insurmountable challenge – If you’re even … Continue reading

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There was a post here previous to this, describing a verbal foul up. It’s gone. What’s said is said; mistakes made are mistakes made.

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The Deck of Fate

A couple weeks ago (the last time I was at Source Comics & Games in Roseville, MN), I picked up The Deck of Fate, a card-based randomizer for the Fate role-playing game (which I reviewed back in August). The deck contains … Continue reading

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AWP Day 1

I’ve gotten some swag including a new t-shirt (which was useful as an impromptu hat to keep the sudden April snow off) and some new ideas, including ideas involving sex scenes. This morning I went to the most pointless and … Continue reading

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Vox Day: Christians need to follow the lead of #GamerGate and the Spanish Inquisition to defeat seculars, Satan

Originally posted on we hunted the mammoth:
NOBODY expects the, well, you know. Over on Vox Popoli, everyone’s favorite far-right fantasy author Vox Day (Theodore Beale) is pig-biting mad that pizza parlors in Indiana won’t be allowed to refuse service to…

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