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White Pride, White Shame

Originally posted on Kvasir Amongst the Gods:
This one is going to be a serious one; buckle up. (I’ll try to be funnier next time) There is a talking point that says being Anti-Racist is just a phrase to indicate…

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Where did the month go?

It feels like my projects – including writing short stories for this blog – have gotten derailed over the last month. Nothing but to get back on it!

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5 facts about me

I am, as far as I know, the only adult member of my family who is not allergic to cats. As far as I know. I expect a sibling or parent to correct me on this if it’s not true. … Continue reading

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Crossworlds Affair

The rough draft is written. There’s at least two major plotlines that need to be added by the next draft, but I have a complete story.

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