State of the Kate: January 14th

So the first month of the new year is almost half over, and I’m starting my semester of screenwriting this week. I also have new plates on my roller skates, Sure-Grip Avengers in aluminum, which is a situation that fills me with glee.

Current writing projects:

Veronica Gray #1: Rough draft is being worked on, the complete manuscript is going to be done by March 1st.

Rollerskate Faeries vs. Flying Saucer Mad Scientists Chapter 1: “The Betty Boomers” is on track. Rough draft should be ready to hand over to my beta readers within the next couple of days and Chapter 2: “The Hidden Cloud Machine” will begin immediately thereafter.

Since the middle part of Pathfinder #69: Maiden, Mother, Crone is a complete mess, I’m busy rewriting it, so that’s an additional project on my writing pile that I wasn’t anticipating. If I’m confused and I’m the DM, my players are probably even more confused.

I’m polishing revisions on “Church of the Car” and “Secrets Which Should Remain Buried” for submission to, respectively, AWP and magazines. Also considering a rewrite of another of my short stories from the fall for conversion to a screenplay as my project for Screenwriting this semester, either “Blues on the Green Line” or “Last Witch’s Watch.”

I am also doing four monthly pieces for An LGBTQA-related literature piece on the 7th, a review of Rat Queens on the 14th, a gaming-related piece on the 21st and another Rat Queens review on the 28th (the Rat Queens review on the 14th is only until I’m caught up to the current storyline, at which point I’ll replace it with something else). This month because the site only went live on the 10th, my Rat Queens review will be on the 15th, otherwise I intend to stick to that schedule, and I’ll make sure my TCG columns are reblogged on this blog.

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