10 minute game development: Le Roi est Mort!

I’m taking 11.126x: Intro to Game Design from MIT through EDx, and this is my first project for the class: A 10-minute rough draft of a board game. Keep in mind that this was drafted in just ten minutes, and there are probably currently GAPING holes in the game mechanics.
Primary game mechanic: Dice-based dueling

Plot of the game: Le roi est mort! The King of the Land has died in the middle of a feast, and his closest advisors struggle for power in the sudden vacuum.

Victory condition: Become the King while defeating all contenders for Power Behind the Throne, or become the PBtT while fending off attacks on your preferred King.

Players: 3-10

Each player has 5 dice that they can allocate to two skills: Frontstabbing (Dueling) and Backstabbing (Diplomacy). Each player also receives 5 Favor tokens that they can deal to another player in exchange for a marker from the common pool they can call in.

Turn structure: Each turn consists of two phases: Diplomacy and Duel. During the Diplomacy phase you may Negotiate or Attack, during the Duel phase you may Attack or Defend. At the end of the turn, a diplomat may move 1 or more spaces in the direction of the Throne or the Advisor’s Chair, a duelist may move 1 or more spaces in the direction of the Throne only.

Dueling is done by declaring a duel against the player in a space immediately adjacent to yours, rolling your Duel skill, higher number wins. A duel may be avoided by calling in a favor against the challenger. In order to succeed in calling off the duel, the challenged must be able to call more favors than the challenger.

Victory condition: If the King can defeat all comers including the person seated in the Advisor’s Seat, they win. If the Power Behind the Throne can muster sufficient power in favors to prevent the King from challenging them to a duel, they win.

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