We Need More Mary Sues went up on another blog today and it reminds me that I wrote a post on the same topic shortly after my blog went live.

Especially with GamerGate burning its toxic way through the community (last night, Felicia Day was “doxxed” – her home contact information and private email published by a hostile third party – in the comments section of her own Tumblr blog, in retaliation for her speaking out on the subject of GamerGate), we need more media that shows girls as powerful (this is something I find to be problematic about The Legend of Korra, since the title character started out powerful and has been steadily broken down since her first appearance, to the point of having the newest season’s villain, Kuvira, effectively threatening to supplant her as the show’s main character).

Powerful girls and women in fiction aren’t precisely the most pressing civil rights issue facing women, I’ll admit, but they do make other things easier to handle. It’s easier to get girls into STEM when you have characters like Princess Bubblegum around, who are brilliant and capable scientists. It’s easier to get girls to write when they have characters that they can identify with. And we also need more leading women in TV and movies, and more women in general – the false perception that girls have equal time when they have 1/6 the resources and are dominating at 1/3 is begun by the premise in many television programs and movies that one starring woman in an ensemble cast (who never gets enough screen time or agency in the story) is enough.

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