Write Fast, Turn Left

Excellent book fair this year. I came home with 4 books, two are indie-published fantasy (The Feast by Erin Gitchell and Exhibit 692: Love in the Time of Zombies by Margaret L. Fisher), one superheroes (Hero Worship by Christopher E. Long) and one satirical fiction (Sweetness #9 by Stephan Eirik Clark).

Writing queue right now looks like:

Revise “Secrets…”, “Home…”, “Blues…” and “Church of the Car”.

Write two new pieces – one modern, one SF – for my next story due date (probably late this month or very early November).

Finish Crossworlds. I’m halfway there; finishing that manuscript by the end of 2014 should be highly doable.

Write 3 articles for Wayfinder #13 (this continues to be a long-term commitment – I’m trying to write 6 Wayfinder articles a year).

Major revision of Conspiracy of Gold and Steel. Target completion date, early 2015.

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