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10 minute game development: Le Roi est Mort!

I’m taking 11.126x: Intro to Game Design from MIT through EDx, and this is my first project for the class: A 10-minute rough draft of a board game. Keep in mind that this was drafted in just┬áten minutes, and there … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo 2014

I love NaNoWriMo. It’s this big huge orgy of stress-inducing fast writing. For NNWM ’14, I’m going to be writing the second half of the manuscript for Aquarius Ascendant Novel 1 (which is no longer named┬áThe Crossworlds Affair, but I’m … Continue reading

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Military Industrial Accountability: The Military Science Fiction Connection

While I enjoy reading military sci-fi, one of the tropes in it often concerns me – the idea that military budget cuts cannot come from a conscientious appreciation of a nation’s priorities, but necessarily have to come from a desire … Continue reading

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Pathfinder RPG books: Inner Sea NPC Codex and Rival Guide

These two books are similar in that they introduce new NPCs to the game. They are both a follow up to the NPC Codex released in early 2013, and act as a functional “Monster manuals” for NPCs, profiling the characters … Continue reading

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K.L. Reads – 10/24/14

I will be reading from my short story, “Church of the Car,” tonight at the Twin Cities edition of “Where We’re Going, We Won’t Need Roads,” along with Casey Plett (An Easy Girl to Love) and Sylvia Lamb (I’ve Got … Continue reading

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We Need More Mary Sues went up on another blog today and it reminds me that I wrote a post on the same topic shortly after my blog went live.

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Collection of #gamergate Misconceptions & Lies

Originally posted on srhongamergate:
There are two possible ways to interpret these factually incorrect statements: either they’re an outright, direct lie or they are reckless misinformation being forwarded as fact without fact checking. In either case, they’re guilty of slander.…

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