MFA Update

I’ve got two stories mid-revision and expansion, one story that needs to be torn down to the joists and rebuilt, and two half-decent story concepts. I’m trying to come up with the flesh to go on the bones of my fantasy escapism story (think Walter Mitty as enacted by a 21st Century person). I’m thinking about editing and expanding my Wayfinder story as a part of my next update (it’s already being expanded – 1500 words was jut too few for the concept I was writing).

So I should have about 15,000 words of new fiction for my advisor by next weekend. It’s going to be a long but productive week. I’ll also be releasing the Wayfinder story sometime next week on my blog (since it wasn’t accepted to the zine).

Tomorrow I will be blogging my Weal or Woe article to go into the weekend!

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