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Return to the Aquarius Ascendant Universe: Starship endurance

Shock and awe – I’m still working on Crossworlds, albeit slowly due to school and other requirements. The plot of Crossworlds involves a pair of destroyers operating on a specific mission of limited duration, so endurance doesn’t come into play, but ships in … Continue reading

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D&D 5th Edition: You always try to be everything to everyone

I think if the role-playing game industry has proven anything over the last couple of years, it’s that RPGs are a viable form of paid entertainment without their former flagship product, Dungeons & Dragons. You may recall that a few weeks ago I … Continue reading

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Pathfinder: City of Secrets #5

Well I was right. Cut for spoilers.

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Weal or Woe: The Tracker and the Robber

As promised, I am publishing on my blog the article I originally submitted to the Pathfinder fanzine Wayfinder #12. The short story “Secrets Which Should Remain Buried” will be published in a few days. In both cases the final article reflects … Continue reading

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MFA Update

I’ve got two stories mid-revision and expansion, one story that needs to be torn down to the joists and rebuilt, and two half-decent story concepts. I’m trying to come up with the flesh to go on the bones of my … Continue reading

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New week, new work

Last week was a dry one for writing. I didn’t get much done and what I got done was mostly outlining some future stories. This week I plan to rough-draft at least three short stories and start outlining my articles … Continue reading

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Game Review: Bad Decisions

News Flash: Bad Decisions by Bad Decision Games is a game that’s currently undergoing development and playtesting. The Kickstarter canceled after this last weekend, preparatory to other arrangements, but I promised a review, and a review will be happening. The … Continue reading

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