RPG Review Week – a day off in the middle.

I was going to review Age of Rebellion today, but I think I’m feeling a bit under the weather.

In any event, though, I do want to do some due diligence to D&D 5th Edition and note that my opinion of 5E is from reading the cut-down basic rules, which set my expectations for a stripped-down experience of the game. And because these are opinions primarily, there are definitely contrary ones.

And Noah “Spoony” Antweiler has a contrary opinion regarding D&D 5th Edition.

Like I said, I’m going to keep playing Pathfinder for now, so my position on 5E is “I see what they’re going for, but I’m not going to be playing this one very much.” There are pieces of 5th Edition I like very much, and there are pieces that are very simplified and I think would start to irritate me in play, but the way they structured the game feels comfortable.

We all have our first impressions. The earlier one I said is mine, and this one’s Spoony’s.

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