Different forms of creativity

I’m going to be finishing out my MFA journal the next few days, making sure that everything is in place before I submit it on the 15th. I’ve also been working on a totally secret project that I’m planning to publish under a different pseudonym.

I haven’t given that much thought to the underworld project in a few weeks but it’s churning away in the back of my head. Working in series of linked short stories is a new mode for me.

I’m getting a little progress here and there on Crossworlds (and by the way, I posted a size comparison image of ships from Crossworlds over here on my DeviantArt account). I’m planning to be finished with the rough draft of the manuscript by the end of September.

One of my favorite Pathfinder Tales short fiction authors, Gabrielle Harbowy, is working on a Pathfinder Tales novel. If you’re interested in fantasy adventure short stories with an edge of romance, you could do a lot worse than to read her story Inheritance.

Also, I’m picking up a new bike today to replace the one that was stolen from me in downtown Minneapolis in June. And tomorrow, going to Source Comics and Games to pick up my copy of Pathfinder Advanced Class Guide.

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