And so ends CONvergence

For me, CONvergence lasts a day longer than the official close of the convention; this is because I can’t just stop and get back to the outside world, I need some time to get my brains back together after the con.

It’s THAT all-encompassing.

So I spent yesterday writing and mostly chillin’. I had lunch when I was hungry, and my partner and I had a salad for dinner.

The Royal Manticoran Navy had a particularly great con. We had Sir Martin Lessem, the First Lord of the Admiralty, present, and a literary reading of the works of multiple TRMN members, as well as our largest awards ceremony ever (which had both advantages and drawbacks). We also rolled about 450 missile pods, including one to Guest of Honor Marina Sirtis (yes, THE Marina Sirtis).

At the Con, I got a couple of new books and a new RPG: Star Wars: Age of Rebellion (a follow-on to the 2013 release of Star Wars: Edge of the Empire). AoR changes the focus from surviving on the fringes to taking on the might of the Empire, and precedes next year’s Force and Destiny.

Star Wars is a franchise I have complicated feelings for. Star Wars was the first movie I remember seeing (though I’m certain I saw other movies before it) and obviously it’s made a huge impact on me. And yet there are some aspects of Star Wars that are deeply problematic – its aggressive focus on men and masculinity, its particular focus on Eurocentric modes of masculinity, and its wholesale appropriation of (western misinterpretations of) Asian cultural norms in the name of this focus being but three. And this is before we get into Jar Jar Stinks. It’s also interesting that the best Star Wars stories are actually ones told in a different medium than its origin – The Thrawn trilogy (Heir to the EmpireDark Force Rising and The Last Command), the Dark Empire comic series, and the phenomenal computer game duology Knights of the Old Republic.

I’m mildly interested in the new fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons – and also relieved that for the first time since 2nd Edition, the edition is NOT a major part of the branding of the game. I’ll probably play a campaign via the Basic rules before I make up my mind on it, but I will probably at least get a copy of the Player’s Handbook because love it or hate it, D&D is one of the primary touchstones of gaming.

Lastly, Eye of Horus Metaphysical has to move suddenly, so they are raising funds online to move into a new space (because very few stores expect to have to move on a month’s notice!). Thraicie and Jane Hawkner are pillars of the local Pagan community, so it would be great if you could tip a couple bucks into their metaphorical jar to help with moving expenses.

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