10 PM Friday to 10 PM Saturday: In the Moment at CONvergence

The 24 hour period from 10 Friday to 10 Saturday began with unspeakable joy and ended with me sitting in a bed performing self-care. This isn’t as bad as it sounds but it definitely speaks to how busy I was during those 24 hours.

Regardless, after the Con I’m going straight home to sleep.

I was on four (FOUR!) panels during that time and I had a blast. I enjoyed myself, I had a lot to say, and people actually laughed at my jokes!

The quick summary of what I was talking about on the four panels:

EVOLUTION OF FANFICTION: “Fanfic writing is great practice – and it’s fun, too. Also, Mary Sue needs to be celebrated, not denigrated.”

FEMALE MORAL DEVELOPMENT IN YA: “Fanfic is an underexplored subgenre of YA, and it needs greater exploration because it’s the only genre of YA which is written by young adults, for young adults, about young adults.”


WRITING SCIENCE: “Your research matters, but only inasmuch as it allows you to write science fluidly and without stopping to infodump on your readers.”

The one downside, though, was that my feet were in “crying” level pain by the time I reached the end of the TRMN awards ceremony, so I made a very short night of it at room parties and came upstairs to rest.

There are conversations that started at this con that are going to need to continue, for months and years to come, and they’re going to be interesting ones.

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