Writing Science

I’ll be presenting at CONvergence in a week, and one of my panels is “Writing Science.” Now, I write space opera, which is pretty soft where science is concerned, but space opera is still science fiction and if your science is blatantly wrong, then you’re not using the art form. Space opera is best when it has a grounding in real science, and in what is at least possible, if not completely, totally real.

Another thing is, being a writer allows you to get away with asking questions that in other contexts would win you a place on one of the NSA’s watch lists (I’m joking. I think. I have no way of being sure of this). A lot of people love to answer questions about science, especially where their own specialties are concerned.

Now, I’ve been dry for a week or two. That’s going to change a LOT in the next few weeks since I’m going to Pride this weekend, a convention next weekend, and two weeks after that, my MFA residency.

Looking forward to everything!

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