Silence is complicity

Well it is.

This is about the guilt of one of the most revered science fiction authors of all time and her husband in horrible crimes against children. And people knew. And they willfully kept silent.

We, the community of science fiction and fantasy fandom (and the wider community of literary fandom because damn, there are plenty of literary heroes who were seriously sick in this regard), need to be more willing to speak up and write and blog about these things.

They need to become absolutely unacceptable, no matter how much we might like the writing of the people committing these acts. Just as with Orson Scott Card’s racism and homophobia and transphobia, child rape needs to be named and shamed. We need to find these people and ostracize them–it’s not enough to personally condemn them, we have to stop inviting their words into our homes and allowing them to be aired in our public discourses.

This isn’t a witch hunt. This is making a stand over behavior that is harmful to our community and our future, and calling it what it is: Horrifying and criminal.

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