By now, all or most of you should probably be familiar with NaNoWriMo, the month-long novel-writing orgy that is every November. I’ve written three NaNo novels, two fantasy pieces (one of which I plan to serialize starting in January, 2015) and one sci-fi. For the rest of June I’m going to be writing the rest of the manuscript to The Crossworlds Affair. I’m going to be posting completed word count at the end of every work day (the current word count as stands today is 32,001 out of a goal of 80,000, after some brief editing last night). To make my goal, I need to write at least 2,250 words on the novel every day.

Besides a daily word count post, I’ll be posting occasional excerpts and mini-essays on a semi-regular basis on the art and craft of writing science fiction. This should be a fun month – come share it with me!

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