So what’s next?

Hi! If you’re reading this, you may have come to my blog because I released a book yesterday!

I’ve got some good stuff planned over the next week. There’s a lot of writing happening to me this summer, and you’ll get to read some of it.

I have two copies of Independent Flight sitting next to me – one is for myself and one is to pitch to local media. I’ll be receiving my first shipment of books next week, and then start talking to libraries and bookstores about readings and signings.

Next week I’ll be filming the pitch for my Kickstarter campaign to support The Crossworlds Affair, the first Aquarius Ascendant novel, due out later this year.

For the rest of the summer, I’ll be participating in Camp NaNoWriMo over the month of July. During July 17-27, I will be at Augsburg College for the residency part of my low-residency MFA program.

Oh yes, and there’s this little thing called CONvergence, where I’ll be on five panels and holding a reading.

Battle Squadron 21 Presents: Three Readings in an Hour (Friday, 2 PM, Room 229)
Evolution of Fanfiction (Friday, 10 PM, Atrium 7)
Computer Games: Review and Preview (Saturday, 12:30 PM, Atrium 3)
Writing Science (Saturday, 2 PM, Atrium 2)
SF Writing Groups: The 2014 Scene (Saturday, 5 PM, Atrium 2)
Dragon Age: Past & Future (Sunday, 2 PM, Atrium 2)

See you there! I’m excited!

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