Quickie Review: Tales of Honor for iPad/Android

So I’ve spent a bit too much time last night and this morning playing Tales of Honor: The Secret Fleet. For a F2P mobile game, it’s not bad. The tactics focus on time management, and there’s an enjoyable paper-rock-scissors element to figuring out which weapon should be employed at what time and how to take down the enemy’s defenses with greater alacrity (my preferred tactic is to use staggered launches of hull penetrators early in the fight to thin out the defenses before sending in the actual defense-killer weapons, but YMMV).

The artificial intelligence is a bit dumb – the opposing ship will tend to fire off its defenses as soon as a weapon gets into range, even if there’s another, more powerful weapon behind it. But this is kind of ok because if the AI was super-smart the game would be unbeatable.

Your first ship is HMS Galahad, a Royal Manticoran Navy destroyer of unspecified class (I’m going to guess that she’s a Chanson-class ship, one of the older generation of destroyers at the start of the novel series).

I’m enjoying it so far. No numerical grade yet because it’s too early.

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