12 Days to Go

SV Aquarius is the best-known starship in the Alliance Interstellar Navy. She is always a Heavy Cruiser of the latest and most advanced class at the time when she is commissioned, and her name has a list of honors dating all the way back to the late 21st Century CE. Aquarius is named in honor of the lunar lander of the Apollo 13 mission, which went far beyond her design specifications in bringing her crew home after an explosion severely damaged their service module. Her main armament consists of five quadruple x-ray laser turrets, and she has an expanded boat bay to handle fifty percent more shuttles and landing craft than a normal heavy cruiser.

Aquarius is the flagship of Rear Admiral Suhail Satov and Task Force 48; his flag captain is Captain Christopher Fox, mentor of Veronica Gray and her classmate, Alyssa Yeboah.

The ship’s motto is, Failure is Not an Option.

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