If you want to catch up with me at CONvergence this year!

I will be on the following panels:

Evolution of Fan Fiction (Friday 10:00 PM, Atrium 7)

Computer Games: Review and Preview (Saturday 12:30 PM, Atrium 3)

The Writing of Science (Saturday 2:00 PM, Atrium 2)

SF Writing Groups: The 2014 Scene (Saturday 5:00 PM, Atrium 2)

Dragon Age Past and Future (Sunday 2:00 PM, Atrium 2)

 Besides these I’m intending to attend Tell Me That Again (Friday evening), Female Moral Development in YA Fiction panel (Saturday morning) GLBTQ Urban Fantasy (Saturday night), Pacific Rim Fan Panel (Sunday morning) and a few others. In between, there will be some times I can be found at HMS Artemis, on the 22nd Floor.

I will also be hosting a “Guerrilla reading” in the Royal Manticoran Navy Battle Squadron 21 party room, tentatively scheduled for Friday afternoon (July 4th) at 2:00 PM. This will be a three-person reading with snacks and (non-alcoholic) beverages. Myself and two other members of TRMN will be reading works of space opera, urban fantasy, and espionage – both new publication and works in progress.

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