Politics are the Heart of Science Fiction

The Extrahuman Union

So, there is an article out there today saying that politics don’t belong in science fiction.

It’s by a guy (Glenn Reynolds, aka Instapundit) who is known mostly for writing mildly irritating things about politics. I know, I had no idea Instapundit was still around! That really brings me back, talking about him. Ah. Memories.

Anyway, I’m a political writer as well as a science fiction writer, so I took one look at this title and just rolled my eyes. Then I read the rest.

Here’s how it starts:

There was a time when science fiction was a place to explore new ideas, free of the conventional wisdom of staid, “mundane” society, a place where speculation replaced group think, and where writers as different as libertarian-leaning Robert Heinlein, and left-leaning Isaac Asimov and Arthur Clarke would share readers, magazines, and conventions.

Yes, in those days you could read…

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One Response to Politics are the Heart of Science Fiction

  1. caelesti says:

    I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say politics is the heart of science fiction, but I do think thoughtfully written SF generally has socio-political implications in it, because you’re creating an alternate society/culture(s) so how you create it will often reflect what you think of current human societies. (this is Mariah Sheehy from facebook)

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