Women hold up HALF the sky, not one-sixth.

“Lysistrata of Jupiter” is being drafted as we speak. I will have a draft for class tonight – it might not be a very good draft, or a very complete one, but nobody said rough drafts looked nice.

Also, I am not impressed by the announced cast of Star Wars Episode VII. It is the 21st Century; we can do better than one starring female character per major trilogy. And we should.

Star Wars isn’t just another silly B-movie whose all-male cast I can laugh off. It’s an evolving cultural mythos for the twenty-first century, whose stories evoke a future for humanity even if they take place “a long time ago.” It’s a story that all of us — young and old — look to for inspiration, for heroes, for nostalgia, and for shared jokes when it goes wrong. It’s no exaggeration to say that Star Wars is an important part of the collective imagination game that we call culture.

Stories matter, and the inclusion of women matters.

Tales of Honor: The Honor of the Queen comes out in 2017. Believe me, that won’t be soon enough.

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2 Responses to Women hold up HALF the sky, not one-sixth.

  1. Not only is it looking like an all boys universe, but it’s still pretty white. Though some of them could end up blue or green before it’s all over. And Andy Serkis will be–something. But still: I guess with the EU and Clone Wars out of the way, they didn’t need yucky girls messin’ things up!

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