Free trader: MSS Arrant Knave, Registry Number MSS-407734121A

The free trader Arrant Knave is an example of the light cargo vessels plying the spacelanes of the galaxy. She’s a century-old Davian Drive Consortium DC-42 light cargo ship. She has four holds that can each carry up to six standard 12-meter intermodal containers, and her single-phase warp drive, originally rated for a leisurely 300g, has been since uprated to 500 (and possibly greater). Civilian armament standards for her home port of record at Isanami g are relatively generous, so she has by any civilian standard of comparison a fairly comprehensive weapons fit (though necessarily quite light by military comparisons). Her main armament are two twin-barrel laser turrets (top and bottom), with a pair of standard antimissile lasers mounted behind each. Unlike their military counterparts, civilian antimissile lasers work by blinding a missile’s targeting head, rather than killing the missile.

Knave’s master, Jonah Ress, has owned her for the last fifteen years, but he’s grown to loggerheads with his customers, reducing his sales and making it increasingly likely that he may have to depend in the near future on a contract that his increasingly threadbare morality won’t support.

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