Aquarius Ascendant: Alyssa Yeboah

Alyssa Yeboah was born on the Planet Ubuntu (named for the philosophical concept, NOT the Linux distro) on 10 April 320. Her family has nearly as long a history in the Navy as the Gray family. She herself is tall, medium-dark skinned with near-black eyes, and wears her hair in short locks. Growing up, Alyssa read every scrap of family history she could get her hands on, focusing on her namesake, an Alliance Admiral who singlehandedly turned back the tide of a Hesilan invasion in 173 and stopped a war from breaking out. Her parents saw their Navy-mad daughter learning everything about their family history and recognized that they were not going to stop her when the time came, so they made sure she got a first-class technical education to go with the military part.

Alyssa is a classical product of an Ubuntan education. Civic-minded, intelligent, and well-rounded, she naturally caught the attention of Commander Christopher Fox, then a senior instructor in Command Dynamics. Fox introduced her to another protégé of his, Cadet Veronica Gray, and a lifelong association was forged. Yeboah introduced Gray to soccer and the two made an excellent winger-striker pairing on the Navy Academy Solheim Bay team. Gray and Yeboah, in turn, introduced each other near-simultaneously to roller derby. The two served together during the Captor Incident, and their smooth functioning as a command team showed that their strengths as a team on the sporting pitch extended to the command deck as well.

They next served together in VFH-143 Pukin’ Dogs, and developed a reputation for wickedly effective tactics. Together with their three enlisted crewmates on Dog Two-Oh-Seven, later nicknamed Licentious Drive, they flew patrols against slavers, Hesilans, and Terril.

Gray and Yeboah’s paths diverged as Gray was promoted to Lieutenant Commander six months before Yeboah, each were assigned to separate destroyers and different squadrons. As of this writing, Lieutenant Commander Alyssa Yeboah is commanding officer, SV Imperatrix (DD-519A).

Alyssa is an electronics genius, combining an incredible talent for theoretical configurations of equipment with a practical talent for both communication systems and electronic warfare. While it’s generally not possible to hack a starship’s network from outside of its own system (for very obvious security reasons!), her talent for messing with an enemy’s systems integrity is unrivaled.

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